Velvet Heart Set


Velvet Heart Set for Heart Bowl
Use it under backdrop or with wrapped baby!
Heart shape velvet Mattress + Oval pillow + 3pcs of Posing Beans!
Made from easy to clean, hydrophobic, stain resistant velvet.
Theoriginalphotoblocks and Newbornflokati Hearts Bowl 100% compatible!
Available in 100 colours!


It protects the baby from the hard bottom of the bowl.
Soft and extremely pleasant to the touch. ❤ 4cm Thickness ❤

Oval Pillow:

The pillow allows the child to rest freely.
It protects the child’s head against slipping.
It allows the child’s head to be firmly placed on the pillow.

Posing Beans:

Extremely pleasant to touch and hugging!
Very hard and unbending under child’s weight!
1+2 Set
For positioning the newborn baby in any position.


Best quality guaranteed by NellyProps!


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Photo by Julie Guglielmetti

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