Velvet Mattress and pillow Double Sided


Velvet  2 colorful mattress, with 2 pillows in the same color.

Soft and extremely pleasant to the touch.

Before ordering the mattress, please measure the size of the cot.

***** If you would like to buy more, ask for better shipping conditions. *****

Shipping time: within 10 business days 🙂

Beautiful photo by Michelle Behr Photography
Beautiful photos by Marta Ponsko Photography

At the picture: Knotted Bed from Yellow Lamb and Mattress V01 and V31
Dimensions of mattress (compatible with Knotted Bed): 9×13.4[in] / 23×34[cm] | Thickness: 2.4 (in) | 6 (cm)
Dimensions of mattress (compatible with Knotted Bench): 9.45×14,17 [in] / 24x36x4 [cm] Thickness: 1.57 [in] / 4 [cm]