Velvet Moon Set


Velvet Moon Set for our Moon Bowl
Use it under backdrop or with wrapped baby!
Moon shape velvet Mattress + Oval pillow + 3pcs of Posing Beans!
Made from easy to clean, hydrophobic, stain resistant velvet.
Available in 61 colours!


It protects the baby from the hard bottom of the bowl.
Soft and extremely pleasant to the touch. ❤ 4cm Thickness ❤

Oval Pillow:

The pillow allows the child to rest freely.
It protects the child’s head against slipping.
It allows the child’s head to be firmly placed on the pillow.

Posing Beans:

Extremely pleasant to touch and hugging!
Very hard and unbending under child’s weight!
1+2 Set
For positioning the newborn baby in any position.


Best quality guaranteed by NellyProps!



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